Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brand My Ass...plueeeze

"Santa Fe #2" vscilla 2010

Brand this, brand that and while you're at it...
brand my cat.

Branding it's not for cattle anymore.
How readily the people ooze up to this phony world of self worth and gratification is toxic.
No content inside the box ... no clothes on the king.
Sometimes America asks itself... "why do they hate us?"
Anyone listening?

Now to the branding of our national
Contrary to what to what MLB thinks ... baseball does not belong to them... it's not their property.
It is the property of generations of Americans dating back nearly 200 years; it's our mythology and legends... I don't need Mastercard telling me that.
Thank you San Francisco for humbling the mighty state of Nolan Ryan.

Enough gasbagging for now...

And now for that video... ArtBurn

The artist is in charge of controlling their production... periodically I assess what I have created and if the work does not pass the test of "would I want to exhibit this work?"... then I burn it. This is not a hasty judgement often one that requires decades.
I leave a few relics to mark the path that has lead me to today (as for the one's out there already... call me and I'll tell you to burn them or not).

"Typewriter" vscilla 2010