Saturday, January 7, 2012

Charity Auctions & the Art Whore

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Throughout the year especially Holiday season out goes the call for artists to contribute work for fundraisers.
A noble idea except for the fact that the artist gets no tax credit for the value of the work as a charitable deduction,
the auctions often have no minimum so the the artwork often sells for some humiliating amount and the artist gets no share of the sale as compensation for offering the work unlike the organization and its associates who are compensated for their efforts.

In short the artist is once again the whore. Find me a classy whore that works for free and I'll gladly join into your scam.
Show me the money... I don't need the so-called recognition when in fact all the kudos go the organizer.
Sometimes as an artist to get respect you have to say no.
Try it you'll feel better about yourself and people will not see you as some needy artist.

Romans Don't Jog...
Sighted early morning Rome 12-29-11...
a jogger perhaps a renegade Ivy-Leaguer getting ready for another day of cost analysis or marketing or whatever they do.
Romans don't Jog.... what a relief from fashionable Tribeca New York.

White Girls Rock and indeed they do!
The painting "White Rock Girls" is a celebration to those who rock and live to rock and rock to rock a rock.

Foot in the Water...