Thursday, March 11, 2010

If it's Not Fun Don't do it

"Sugar Sugar... Honey Honey"
"Fine Day for Baseball" oil on paper ... Time to turn on the Radio and listen to the sound of the game.

"WHY" (photo montage)@POD gallery ... picture created 1977

"Sugar Sugar" by the Archies a radio pop classic with a sugar shaking rhythm rift that conjures sounds of Jamaican steel drums. What was so trivial in the early 1970's seems by today's pop musicality to be almost classical.

March 15, 2010 The Ides of March... Bloomington, NY ... 30 turkeys were sited walking in a line thru the woods in no particular hurry.

Posted Warning to all creative types....

IF IT IS NOT FUN DON"T DO IT... if what you're doing starts to feel like work...don't do it

The Picasso show at the Met NYC comes with sign before you enter warning of sexually explicit content ... proceed with caution? The power of art and the screwed up American attitude toward the naked body is still with us even in this time of rampant Internet porn and our profane media. Well done Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all.

One more note and I promise to shut up...

Tom Hanks to Meg Ryan in "You Got Mail" says he cannot understand Joni Mitchell's "it's clouds illusions I recall... I really don't know clouds at all." Well, Joni is obviously looking at a painting with clouds. You've got Art... Tom.

I will have five pieces in what promises to be an excellent exhibition of Baseball Art at the Springfield Art Association, Springfield, Illinois from 6-25-10 t0 8-21-10. Noted artists such as Benjamin Blackburn, John Haney, Margaret Wharton and a number of artists from the Jean Albano gallery in Chicago will be included. A catalogue is available.

And now a little summer video...