Wednesday, July 14, 2010

October 2010

"32 At 75" an exhibition of thirty-two artists' visual tributes to Sandy Koufax on the occasion of his 75th birthday will open on October 4, 2010 at the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Commack, New York. Yours truly will have two pieces in the show as seen on this page.

What else is News?

Go to YouTube and view the Robert Hughes' "The Mona Lisa Curse".
An excellent refresher course for all you art buffs.
The man is an exceptional voice rising above today's mediocrity in art discussion.
If you want to gain understanding of the elusive thing called art then watch this.

Returning to mediocrity... go to the NY Times most any Friday and look at the pictures and read the uninspired commentary that accompanies them.

This 9-10-10 we have an angry white Japaneses dog; a painting made of chewed bubble gum (perhaps better positioned on the underside of a restaurant table) and flighty Gerhard Richter going from one style to another. Oh, and let me not forget the truly ugly painting "Seder" on
page C26. There is art brut that is wonderful but this painting is just brut.

Can we have some AUTHENTICITY here or as the Indian said to Ringo ( I believe) in the film
"Help!"..." be yourself cookie".

We'll meet again in a couple of months until then have fun.