Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Year 2012

Tree Down ... yell "Timber!"

Whatever happened to the idea of art for the sake of art?

Should we declare A Brand-Free Art Zone and start handing out tickets for
bad judgement or lack thereof? A zone where no written explanations are allowed...
no wall text will be accepted. Just let the art do the talking.

Of course this is absurd as the shit that oozes out into the world by these uninformed charlatan impostors "posing" as artists, curators, critics & the like-as they march out into the world with their art&curatorial degrees from Yale ... loaded with
the restricted language and vision of academia.

It is all about brand, merchandising and the legions of "gagosian girls"( see Vogue October) promoting this overall crap.
It isn't fair and never has pretended to be but...
it is a game for the privileged few & their party guests
but you don't have buy into it unless you are an equally predisposed vacuous follower
with the inability to exercise any judgement.
Here is the rub... the notion of judgment & the fear to express an opinion that might
be just that opinion that puts you among the "unbelievers" is scary or foreign to these folks and this group that must maintain order in order to profit and control their market; their little piece of turf.
You may ask who does this guy think he is ... say something.
As Gore Vidal once said, " Andy Warhol is the only genius I have ever known with an IQ of 60" and you can add Duchamp,Hirst and Koons as well.
But I can't really help myself because deep down I am a Marxist just
like Groucho..."whatever it is- I'm against it".

Oh Yeah.... Happy New Year Too!

New York Street Repair & Roma Via Guilia

Thursday, November 3, 2011

December Post

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And now for news and commentary....

Get this...


Millionaire artists Close&Rauchenberg worried
about resale royalities in California...
Ow, how sad.
I would welcome the auction house to drive up
to drive up the price
& demand for my work... wouldn't you?

Parting Note:

Like the squirrels gather nuts .... so I gather wood.
The title of this weeks production is "Tree Down".
Be careful to look about and yell TIMBER!