Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fall 2011 Notes & News

"Red Hat" 2011

Baseball Book

BUY THIS BOOK (don't burn it)

Dear Friends,

Once again I have avoided the trap of an art rant... i thought about it but then deleted the whole mess. It gets down to "just take of your business and focus on what you gottado."

Don't spend time with people who are always looking over your shoulder... they have nothing to offer and are quite frankly a bore. Life is too short for this especially when you reach September.

So let us focus...

So here it is, my book of baseball art from 1985-2010... 80 pages, 40 full color reproductions, printed on premium luster paper.
I am offering a 8x10 hardcover limited edition (only 75 copies) of the book which includes a signed archival print of the cover artwork "Ted slides safe" suitable for framing - book and print for $100.
You can purchase thru my Paypal account or email me to arrange payment. Price includes S&H.

Also, you can purchase the softcover without the signed print at in their bookstore $41

Recent Observation....Martin Luther King statue in Washington, D.C.

Knowing the work was done by a Chinese artist (not chinese-american or african-american or for that matter any dash-american) I cannot help but feel Chairman Mao when I look at the sculpture.
What "in the know" New York consultant got this job and I bet they have a number of Chinese artists to sell at Sotheby's.

Maybe Martin is gazing upon that city on the hill and holding a check marked "insufficient funds".

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